Donna Mae Smith, MBA
I'm Donna Mae Smith and I started writing when I was ten years old. One day, as I approached retirement age, I realized I have a cabinet full of works ready to be finished and published; so I went to work.

Writing is very rewarding and fun employment. I always am excited to get to my desk and begin to work!

Kitty Born at Sea is my first release. The next release, due to be published soon, is  A Cat Named Dog. They are both delightful children stories.

I thank you for purchasing and reading my books. I do hope we have a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

And remember, please offer feedback! You will help me grow. Thanks so much. Donna Mae
"A life of peace, purity, and refinement leads to a calm and untroubled old age."
  1. Kitty was raised at sea but now he is alone and stranded at an old dock!
    Kitty Born at Sea: A Kitty Adventure
    Meet Kitty. He becomes tough as he grows up at sea. He protects the big boat, Betty, and travels with Captain, Momma, and Rod. Enjoy Kitty’s exciting adventures as he learns the value of family love and following Momma’s rules. This story can be a bit heartwarming as Kitty discovers early findings of satisfaction and purpose. Kitty longs for the adventures he will one day find on land. That one day comes when Captain heads home, the very home where Momma was born and raised. Before they reach their land destination, Kitty finds himself stranded at an old dock on the Mobjack Bay. Can Kitty find a way to live without Momma and Captain? Will he find a new home? Find out how Kitty makes his decisions to handle this life changing adventure! "Well written! An excellent read for tweens and the adventurous boy or girl."
  2. A Cat Named Dog rescued and loved at last
    A Cat Named Dog: A Kitty Adventure
    Coming soon! A Cat Named Dog A heartwarming tale of a young beautiful young stray cat on a mission. She won't stop until she finds love.